Table shipping

Shipping a table for everyone

A house without a table is incomplete. The table brings together all the residents and is the center of family life. We work and read at the table, children often do their homework there and on a holiday we sit down together for a family dinner. The kitchen table is a witness to our everyday life and our celebration – it is not for nothing that it is said that the best parties are in the kitchen. The table is a part of the family, so at Vintage Express we understand that you want to transport it safely when moving, or have it in perfect condition when you buy a new one.

Safe shipping for large and small packages with Vintage Express

Regardless of whether you are shipping a small coffee table or a massive kitchen table, we will provide it with a safe and fast journey. Our couriers can pick up your shipment straight from your doorstep and even help you with packing if you need it. Our shipments reach their recipients as quickly as possible, even with international shipments. When shipping a coffee table, however, you can also use the express delivery service, which will be delivered even faster.

A wide range of transports

In addition to shipping tables, we also deal with a wide range of services related to moving, so you can entrust us with all your furniture. Our warehouses are also at your disposal, so if you need to store and transport tables and table tops, you can take advantage of our offer. We always flexibly adapt to the requirements of our clients, which is why we will certainly find solutions suitable for your needs together.

International Shipments

Our employees are qualified staff who help you regardless of the difficulty of the order. With us, you can be sure that your table and all the furniture you hand over to us will be delivered without any problems and intact. You can also entrust us with the formalities related to the international shipping of the table. At Vintage Express, we provide comprehensive services covering all stages of sending and transporting your furniture.

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