Vintage Express packing instructions

See following packing instructions:

  • Please pack the item well with BUBBLE WRAP, cloths and tape. 
  • Cover fragile parts edges and surfaces with cardboard or other protecting material. The cardboard is really important to prevent damages. Please use stickers ‘FRAGILE’ on the  packaging. If the item is not stackable, use sticker ‘DO NOT STACK’ on the top of the package.
  • All crystal items , mirrors , pictures or very fragile items have to be packed in a cartoon (light items) or wooden crates (heavy items).
  • Sensitive elements should be packed separately and wrapped in with additional bubble wrap
  • Loose parts, such as shelves (specially made of glass) should be secured separately (by cartoon and bubble wrap) and attached inside or outside the package. There CAN’T be any loose,  unsecured items inside the package.
  • If your item is transported in a carton box, make sure that you put enough Styrofoam/foam polystyrene in the way that the item stays stable in the box during the transport. If the item is packed in wooden crate please use polystyrene foam or wooden parts to make the item stable. Please use stickers ‘THIS SIDE UP’ on the packaging. 
  • Poorly filled cartoon packaging can collapse, and overfilled – be torn. To avoid this, properly choose the size of the package for the content sent.
  • If the item is not packed in cartoon box or wooden crate, all corners of item have to be covered with cardboard corners
  • Always place the object being sent in the center of the box, at least 6 cm away from the outer walls and corners.
  • When sending multiple items in a single shipment, always wrap each one separately and separate with corrugated board inserts or another separator.
  • Items that are small or loosely transported should be placed in the inner container or bag to avoid them being scattered during transport.
  • We recommend the use of a double-walled box, and in the case of singles, make sure that the box is strong enough for the weight of the contents.
  • Items susceptible to dampness or staining should be placed in a strong plastic bag or packaging for additional protection.
  • All legs of item have to be covered with bubble wrap or cardboard corners.
  • In case you need to disassemble the product, please inform the customer and add a manual in the box for easier assembling. 

WARNING: For air freight or sea freight, please make sure the item is crated. Please use stickers FRAGILE on the packaging.

Please never send an item without proper protective packaging (suitable to the product you are sending). Please note that according to CMR convention we will keep you liable in case the item gets damaged due to insufficient packaging. 

Place the address label securely on the upper surface of the parcel. This will help us to keep the parcel in the right position as often as possible.