Sofa shipping

When choosing a carrier to transport your sofa, you probably pay attention to a number of features that an ideal supplier should show. First of all, it must have suitable vans that will accommodate such a large piece of furniture. In addition, transport should be fast and efficient, after all, nobody likes to wait long for a shipment. An additional advantage will certainly be access to additional services, such as assistance in packing and delivery of the package to the door. We have all these advantages and much more at Vintage Express, an international carrier that will take care of your furniture as much as you do.

Reliable fleet of cars

The sofa is a unique piece of furniture that fulfills many functions at home, so it reaches various sizes depending on the needs. Sofa set international shipping can be particularly difficult, but our cars are adapted to the transport of really large pieces of furniture and will certainly cope with a sofa, even with a massive corner.

Packing and loading

You can entrust us with the shipping of your sofa throughout the country and door-to-door delivery. We will also professionally pack your furniture, as well as properly secure the shipment for the time of loading and transport. With us, your sofa will safely reach its destination.

Multidimensional transport service

We will also handle the international transport of sofas. So if you need to ship your furniture outside the country, you can count on our reliable service, which also includes control over customs formalities. If, on the other hand, you buy new furniture from many places, we are able to collect them together and deliver them all in one delivery.

International sofa transportation services

Contact us if you need a reliable carrier for shipping your sofa in the country and across, especially if you are in a hurry. We offer express shipping of furniture, ensuring one of the fastest deliveries among carriers. At Vintage Express, we guarantee the highest level of service and service you can rely on.

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