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Shipping of oil paintings, i.e. items that are often large, valuable and fragile is a complicated process. That is why you should choose a company that has experience with this type of shipment and will know how to handle such an item and deliver it safely.

Vintage Express is the perfect partner for the transport of paintings. We have a team of responsible and experienced couriers who travel thousands of kilometers to deliver your package. We offer shipping of paintings abroad and overseas (Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA) – all using our high-quality packaging and crates, whose task is to safely transport even the most delicate items. International shipping of paintings is also a great opportunity to make your loved ones happy abroad.

Our company focuses primarily on organization and logistics, so your orders from various warehouses in Europe can arrive at the same time. The warehouses are staffed by specialists who know exactly how to take care of valuable and fragile shipments. Your stock image goes into the hands of one of our drivers who travels a long distance to deliver your order straight to your door. Yes, it’s true, we deliver everything straight to you, no matter what floor you live on, whether on the ground floor or at the top of the skyscraper itself. In addition to the professional services, it is also important for us that you are satisfied with our services, which is why we also deliver expressly and help in securing the shipment and in its proper preparation for its further route.

Your oil painting will be transported in a specialized car that is adapted to this type of transport. Each of them has a GPS, which helps our couriers to reach the right place at the optimal time. Additionally, the truck is roomy, modern and properly equipped. It is able to transport goods weighing 1000 kg and a volume of 23 m3, which means that our specialist can take many parcels with him from the warehouse during one trip. We can assure you that your order will arrive safely from point A to point B without any unpleasant adventures.

Do you have any questions about shipping your oil paintings? We are waiting for your message. You can contact us by phone or email. We will definitely get in touch and answer all your questions.

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