Office chair shipping

Shipping office chair for home and office

A comfortable office chair is a prerequisite for efficient work in any office – be it home or business. After all, we often spend long working hours in a chair, and sometimes we also use it after hours. Therefore, now at Vintage Express we guarantee safe and trouble-free shipping of the office chair straight to your home.

Express delivery at Vintage Express

A chair is an extremely important element of any office, so we cannot afford to wait for long weeks for the package. As a furniture supplier, we are well aware of this. That is why we offer fast shipping office chairs as well as an additional express delivery service if you are particularly concerned about time. At Vintage Express, we deliver the office chair as quickly as possible, even on international shipments.

The delivery of your office chair in good hands

We listen to our clients and adapt to their needs. Therefore we offer many services that facilitate the shipment of furniture. When ordering a shipment of an office chair, you can also receive help in packing and properly securing the package. Our suppliers will collect the shipment from the sender and deliver it straight to the recipient’s home, ensuring that the furniture is transported with due care. Our qualified staff will take care of the safety of your shipment with an office chair, as if it were the most delicate work of art.

A supplier focused on the customer’s needs

Vintage Express will also be an ideal supplier for orders for a large number of office chairs, for example for business purposes. Contact us and we will plan the shipping of office chairs together, even if you order from several different places. We are able to consolidate many orders into one delivery, which will save your time and money.

Transportation without borders

The international shipping of the office chair is also not a problem for us. We will take care of safe transport in many countries and we will take care of all necessary formalities related to the transport of furniture across the border. You can trust us and our suppliers, because thanks to our experience we provide office chair shipping services at the highest level.

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