Large furniture shipping

Your large furniture in good hands

Large furniture is a convenient element of home furnishings, but a big challenge in transport. Spacious wardrobes, wide bedroom beds or comfortable sofas for the living room are pieces of furniture that reflect the nature of the house. They provide us with everyday comfort and make us feel at home in a given space. However, the transport of such large and heavy furniture can be a bit challenging. They will not fit in a standard car, if we would like to transport them independently. We also often order personalized, branded furniture abroad. They are supposed to survive the years in our home, but what if they do not survive the journey due to transport errors?

Large furniture shipping

If you need to transport large furniture, you can use Vintage Express services. We are prepared even for the largest sizes. We are able to ship large furniture across the country and abroad. Our vans can accommodate any size of furniture, and properly trained employees will take care of safe loading and unloading. We provide adequate security for the transported furniture and a loading space where your large furniture will safely reach its destination.

We care for furniture and for You

If you need help with packing your large furniture properly, order our pick-up and packing service. Our qualified workers will help you properly secure your valuable furniture, place it in optimal packaging and transport it safely to the car. You can also count on us to take care of them during the journey and to safely deliver them to any corner of the world. We will deliver them to the door of the indicated address, and we will also help to bring them inside.

Fast shipping of large furniture across the country

You can safely entrust your furniture to us. We will provide not only the appropriate transport conditions, but also fast delivery. We know that furniture is an important aspect of interior design and significantly contributes to the feeling of everyday comfort. That is why we will not make you wait long for your delivery.

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