Furniture shipping to Poland

Transportation industry is vast and burdened with responsibility for any items in transit. That is why experience and attention to detail is paramount to guarantee safety of the cargo. Still, specialization in shipment handled will make sure that every crew and truck is adequate for your items.

We at Vintage Express specialize in transporting furniture all over Europe. Our robust infrastructure and experienced logistics department guarantee swift furniture delivery between any of the European markets. The crews we entrust with your items are thoroughly trained in securing and packaging all furniture. You can rest easy knowing that your items are in expert hands.

One of most popular routes is furniture shipping to Poland. Whether you are filling an order of designer furniture or taking your favorite armchair with you when changing location due to professional reasons, we will make sure that your furniture delivery to Poland will be successful and quick. Many Polish citizens working in Europe are influenced by local high-quality furniture manufacturing. This results in increased interest in furniture made in the United Kingdom and furniture shipping to Poland.

All of our vehicles can transport any piece of furniture that fits into 210 cm x 490 cm x 230 cm dimensions, which gives us roughly 23 m3. The maximum load our trucks can carry is 1000 kg. This way we can organize pickups from multiple locations and deliver them all at once at the final destination.

If you have any order for furniture transport to Poland, always use the best and trust Vintage Express with your furniture. Contact us and our team will be happy to help with organizing the shipment.

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