Furniture shipping to Luxembourg

The core of a successful shipping company is the range it can deliver to and time it takes to fulfill the order. Since our company already covers most of Europe with its’ range of delivery, we also cover furniture shipping to Luxembourg.

Our network of warehouses allows for furniture delivery to Luxembourg in a timely manner with no risk to the cargo. Each of vehicles in our fleet is equipped with geo-localization tracking and guidance system. All trucks that we use for shipping are the most recent models of renowned manufacturers and are adjusted for secure transport. The cargo compartment is spacious enough to fit almost 23 cubic meters of furniture that could weigh up to 1 ton. The dimensions of the storage space are 210cm x 490 cm x 230 cm. This allows for transportation of even the most massive pieces of furniture.

We pride ourselves in the experience and professionalism of our crews and drivers. All of them are trained in the most secure and delicate handling of all items. Regardless if they need to transport a grand dining table or an antique cupboard, they will know how to handle it so that it arrives to the destination in ideal condition.

Vintage Express delivers items to all neighboring markets making furniture transport to Luxembourg one of the most convenient routes. Along with the cargo capacity of our vehicles it means we can deliver furniture from multiple vendors, organize them in one of our warehouses and transport them as one shipment. This procedure will cut on costs of the overall service but most importantly, it will save time.

If you need a furniture shipping to Luxembourg service do not agree to anything but the best on the market. Call us and let’s arrange the delivery together.

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