Furniture shipping to France

Entering the transportation industry might appear a straightforward process from the outside. It also may be true for local transportation services with few hundred kilometers range. Such companies might even not need to specialize in cargo type, however we view this differently. At Vintage Express we decided to specialize in one of the areas of shipping industry and to be the best transport service available for furniture delivery continent-wide. With a developed warehouse infrastructure, we are able to deliver any item of furniture across most of Europe. With a numerous fleet of vehicles, we can facilitate any order, no matter how complex or numerous. Trucks we use are top-of-the-line newest models specially adjusted for furniture transportation. With cargo space dimensions of 210cm x 430 cm x 230 cm (which gives us approximately 23 m3) it is possible to transport even the biggest of furniture. One of the more often used shipping routes is furniture shipping to France. Close cooperation between both markets and near location of large metropolitan areas results in frequent movement of professionals. This situation gives furniture delivery to France service an opportunity to develop. This route is popular not exclusively due to specialists changing their addresses, but also the demand for high-quality furniture made in the Europe. Regardless if you need to use furniture shipping to France service due to personal or professional reasons – our company is the right choice for safe and swift furniture delivery. Contact us and we will gladly assist you with the logistics of any transport project you need. When furniture transport to France is considered do not settle for anything but the best – choose Vintage Express.

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