Furniture shipping to Czech Republic

The transportation industry is divided depending on the cargo carried. Transporting livestock, chemicals, liquids or huge quantities of construction materials means that there needs to be a wide range of specialized vehicles. Additionally, the teams operating each of the vehicles are trained and have experience handling different shipment. Our company operates within the furniture shipping branch of the industry and one of the services we offer is furniture shipping to Czech Republic. Our crews of rigorously trained specialists can handle any piece of furniture from heavy office equipment, through home furniture, to antiques. Each item of furniture will be treated with utmost care and will be secured, so it arrives at the destination in perfect condition. The trucks we use for furniture shipping to Czech Republic are the latest versions of cargo vehicles on the market. The volume of cargo space is up to 23 m3, with width of 210 cm, length of 490 cm and height of 230 cm. The load capacity reaches 1000 kg. With these parameters it is possible to pack cargo from multiple locations and deliver them to the destination easily. We have a vast experience in transportation industry so furniture delivery to Czech Republic does not pose such a challenge as it might appear at a first glance. Our network of warehouses in continental Europe allows for swift furniture transport to Czech Republic of even most complex furniture delivery orders. It does not matter if you need an antique cabinet, huge conference table, designer nightstand or luxurious wardrobe delivered – Vintage Express is up to the task. Contact us and we will help with shipment organization.

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