Furniture shipping to Austria

Transportation industry relies heavily on the network of warehouses you have at your disposal and their strategical placement. Ease of access to such facilities and the crew operating them will greatly improve logistics and influence the furniture delivery time. Since one of the markets in which we operate is Germany then furniture shipping to Austria is a natural next step.

Our companies’ specialization in cargo results in great expertise in a narrow field. It allows us to be experts in furniture transport to Austria and other European markets. Our trucks are adjusted to handle any item of furniture and the crews operating them are fully trained in securing and managing furniture cargo. This way you can be sure that whatever item you wish to transport, it will arrive in perfect condition.

The special care we put into securing your furniture and the utmost durability of packaging prepares the cargo for further shipment. Furniture shipping to Austria might not be the end of the journey for your cargo, but once our specialists secure it, it will be ready for further transportation to e.g., USA, Australia, New Zealand or Japan.

All our vehicles are the latest models available on the market and kept in perfect condition, since we believe that best tools allow us to maintain the high standard, we set for ourselves. The cargo space dimensions are 210cm x 490cm x 230cm, which results in approximately 23 m3 of volume. The total load of items transported cannot be over 1 ton.

Whatever the reason you have for furniture delivery to Austria, be it personal or professional, you should always trust the best in the industry. Reach out to us and we will help you with organization of this order!

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