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Shipping pieces of furniture, due to the fact that they are a large-sized, untypically shaped and delicate cargo, can pose a challenge even for couriers with an extensive experience in the industry. Overwhelming majority of cargo in the furniture shipping business is either delicate or expensive, or both. That is why it is imperative for the safety of the furniture that it are handled by experienced hands that know ins and outs of international furniture shipping. Shipping furniture abroad might be a daunting task, but we at Vintage Express specialize in furniture transport, making the decision on who to trust with your furniture an easy one. With the furniture transport service provided we strive to accommodate all your needs and requirements. With the White Gloves Services, we send our specially trained employees that use equipment designed for most delicate transport orders that guarantees safe shipment of every piece of furniture. Our All to One offer is targeted at everyone that needs products delivered from multiple vendors or locations. We will take on the responsibility of logistics, organization and using our several warehouses across Europe, we will consolidate your order and deliver it all to you in one shipment. We can transport all you need across Europe, but should you need to ship anything to another continent, our top-quality packaging and crating will make sure it arrives safe to its’ destination (including USA, New Zealand, Australia and Japan). All the vehicles we have in our fleet are modern, spacious and adequately equipped to transport all kinds of items, devices but most importantly, furniture. The cargo space has up to 23 m3 of volume and the cargo weight limit is 1000 kg, facilitating even the grandest of furniture shipping projects. The cargo space is 210 cm wide, 490 cm long and 230 cm high. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking and guidance systems. All that top-of-the-line equipment is operated by a dedicated and highly trained crew of couriers. Do you have any questions on furniture shipping or would you like to schedule a delivery? Give us a call or send an e-mail and our team will assist however they can! 

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