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The dream desk in your home thanks to Vintage Express

A desk is an indispensable piece of equipment in every office, and nowadays it is difficult to imagine a home office without it. More and more people are changing their work style to work from home or a hybrid model, i.e. working from the office only on selected days. So it’s hard to imagine working efficiently without a proper desk. Especially that Vintage Express will bring you any desk you can imagine, even taking into account international transport.

Fast desk delivery

When ordering a desk, let’s not forget about the children who also experienced a change in the current teaching model. Distance learning has been introduced in many countries and the youngest of us also spend most of our time at home now. Choosing the right desk for a child is extremely important and affects their health and comfort. We are not able to make this decision for you, but whatever you choose, Vintage Express will take care of the fast shipping of your desk.

Large supplies of desks for your business

Vintage Express also responds to the needs of companies that organize offices for their employees. Shipping office desks is not a problem for us. We have an extensive fleet that is able to cope with any challenge and deliver your entire order in one shipment. You also do not have to limit yourself in the selection of goods. Take advantage of the best offer you can find, even if it means ordering from another country. You have this freedom as Vintage Express also handles international desk shipments.

Professional shipping of a desk to your home

Our services include the delivery of many different types of furniture, so whether you order a work desk, want a shipping service desk or bar countertops, we will deliver them to your door. Our employees will also help with bringing parcels, and you can be sure that they will take good care of your order during transport. Suppliers are properly trained to provide the highest standard of service and appropriate care for your valuable cargo.

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