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If we had to find one piece of furniture without which the apartment cannot be called home, we would have no hesitation in pointing to the bed. Even if you spend most of your time outside your home, you probably come back to it for at least the night. Without a bed, everyday rest would be very difficult and the right choice of bedroom furniture is an extremely important decision for each of us. That is why at Vintage Express we offer professional bed and mattress shipping services, guaranteeing transport with the highest standards. If you entrust us with your shipment, you can be sure of the safety of your sofa.

Vintage Express bed shipping service

By choosing Vintage Express as your bed supplier, you focus on reliability, safety and professionalism. We guarantee that we will take care of your shipment, regardless of its size. Transporting large double beds and bed frames is not a challenge for us. We have a diverse fleet of cars adapted to the transport of all kinds of furniture. With us, your shipment is 100% safe.

Professional staff and service at a high level

Our employees are comprehensively trained in the proper packing, loading and shipping any bed. Therefore, they will be able to help you with the move and will pick up your parcel, secure it in a professional manner and deliver it directly to your home. If you need it, we are able to store your sofa in one of our spacious storage areas adapted to the storage of furniture. We take care to maintain appropriate conditions in warehouses, so we can guarantee that your furniture will not be damaged or deformed.

Versatile supplier in international sofa shipment

We offer the transport of beds not only in Poland, but also abroad. The bed international shipping at Vintage Express is a guarantee of comprehensive service for your delivery. We transport across the border by completing all the necessary formalities and taking care of the legal aspects related to proper customs clearance.

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