Antique furniture shipping

Antique furniture gives an unusual atmosphere to any interior. Even as an addition to a modern design, they can provide an interesting accent and give the entire space a historical character. However, it must be remembered that antiques are extremely delicate and require specialist care. Shipping antique furniture, especially abroad, can be a challenge. Therefore, it is best to trust professionals such as Vintage Express in this matter.

Reliable antique furniture shipping service

Vintage Express specializes in the transport of antiques, providing them with the necessary conditions for safe domestic and international transport. The company’s mission is to guarantee adequate care for your valuable cargo. We realize that antique furniture is often extremely valuable, not only because of its market value. They are important historical mementos, often family treasures and silent witnesses of many events over the years. Their presence evokes memories and stimulates imagination.

Professional antiques supplier

Our employees are properly trained to handle these facilities with care and due respect. Suppliers have contact with antique furniture only with white gloves. Our warehouses provide the right conditions for goods with special needs. To maintain the high standards of transporting antique furniture we control the way of packing, temperature and humidity in those storage areas that are intended for storing antiques.

Proper care and the highest standards of antique furniture transport

We provide parcel collection services directly from the sender, pack them in an appropriate manner and deliver them to the recipient’s own hands, even for international transport. We guarantee that all antique furniture is transported by our company in accordance with the highest standards required by such an unusual load for which we take responsibility. We give our word that we will provide it with care and bring him safely to its destination, in exactly the same condition in which it has been sent.

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