Small furniture shipping

Simple and fast shipping of small furniture

According to the well-known saying “the devil is in the details”. That is why, when arranging an apartment, we pay attention not only to large furniture, but also to trinkets and small furniture items. They make the interior personalized and more suited to the character of the residents. It is thanks to these small elements that we make the house a unique place where we always feel good. In furniture, we also carry a part of our personality, so it’s no wonder that we want them to accompany us even after moving, or we send them as gifts to our loved ones. If you’re wondering how to ship small furniture items, Vintage Express is here to help.

Offer tailored to the client

We have a diverse transport fleet, which is adapted in every aspect to shipping small furniture items. We will take care of your shipments regardless of their quantity or size. What distinguishes us from small furniture shipping companies is that the type of delivery is tailored to the individual needs of our customers. If you order deliveries of small furniture from multiple locations, we can collect them into one and deliver them all together. We also offer international transport of furniture. Tell us what you expect and we will provide you with a suitable offer.

How to ship small furniture items?

With us, you don’t have to worry about the complicated process of packing, sending or loading. We offer not only shipping of small furniture items, but also collecting them from your home and packaging services. You can trust us that your shipment will be properly packed and transported safely to its destination.

Our ranks include professional employees who will take care of your shipments at every stage of their journey. We will help you with your move and transport of all small furniture to a new place, no matter the part of the world. We also take care of the necessary formalities at the border and customs duties if you ship small furniture outside the country.

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