Furniture shipping to Scotland

If you want to settle down in Scotland, there is probably a number of items that you would like to take with you. Unfortunately, many of them, e.g., furniture, are too large to be transported in a plane, bus or car. Hopefully, there is a simple solution to your problems – we, at Vintage Express, specialize in furniture shipping to Scotland. Having a fleet of modern vehicles with high load capacity, we are able to offer you fast and efficient transportation services with pick up in a selected country and delivery to a selected address in the entire Scotland.

Furniture shipping to Scotland

We are able to arrange furniture shipping to Scotland. Contact us to learn more about our services and to schedule the pick-up date for your furniture delivery to Scotland. We will help you transport both small cargo such as chairs, armchairs, desks and tables, as well as bigger items, e.g., sofas, beds, wardrobes. Our spacious trucks are suitable also for furniture which can’t be disassembled. What is more, we can transport antiques and bigger home decorations, e.g., paintings.

Furniture delivery to Scotland

Vintage Express specializes in organizing furniture deliveries to Scotland. We are able to arrange transports with multiple pick-ups in a number of countries. This way you can order your dream furniture in multiple locations and have it all delivered straight to a given address in Scotland. Our vehicles are equipped with geo-localisation tracking, so we can always know where your cargo is. Do you want to know more about our services or schedule a furniture delivery to Scotland? Please drop us a message. Our team is waiting for your questions. The sooner you write, the sooner your furniture delivery do Scotland can take place.

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