Furniture shipping to Germany

In the transportation industry there are companies that are universal and will ship any cargo, and there are the specialized ones. Both have their advantages, for example should you need to transport a heavy and varied load the universal shipping company may be better equipped for that task. However, the specialized companies employ experts in handling unconventional items and have broad experience in securing them for long voyages. Our company focuses on furniture shipping. Specialists employed in Vintage Express undergo a rigorous training in handling any item of furniture. This is mandatory since furniture are large-sized and untypically shaped objects that require more planning for safe shipment. We at Vintage Express deliver furniture to multiple markets and one of the directions we often take is furniture shipping to Germany. It is a great and diverse market, and it is an outlet for products of many companies from the Europe. German economy is the biggest in the European Union and there is constant demand for specialists and quality items. If you need furniture delivery to Germany, regardless if you are a specialist moving for work or you wish to send your products to compete on German market you should entrust your furniture to the best. Furniture transport to Germany is a complex operation and every item needs to be prepared for the long journey. Each of our trucks is operated by a dedicated crew that will skillfully arrange the cargo. The volume of the cargo space approaches 23m3 and the total weight of cargo cannot exceed 1000 kg. For furniture shipping to Germany, 1 ton of cargo gives you the opportunity to combine items from several locations to be delivered to the same destination. You can reach us via e-mail or phone and our team will be ready to help with shipment organization.

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