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Antique shipping or antique furniture requires professional and specialized transport that will provide them with comprehensive security. It cannot be denied that it is not easy to find a company that will undertake such a responsible task without imposing a gigantic price. Vintage Express is an antique shipping company that deals with such shipments on a daily basis. That is why, for many years, it has been employing the most experienced and professional employees who are responsible for the transport of your shipment.

Thanks to our company, international antique shipping will be quick and easy. Our specialists have specific instructions and guidelines that make them know exactly how to deal with individual items. If you want to send your grandmother or aunt abroad her favorite, old, antique piece of furniture – choose Vintage Express. If you are going to move and you want to take your precious antiques with you, which have sentimental value for you – we will help you get them wherever you want.

We are a large company and we have several warehouses throughout Europe, which means that we can complete your entire order, regardless of whether everything is in one container or several different ones. Do you want to organize antiques transport to another continent? Not a problem, we have crates and special packaging that will ensure safe transport to Australia, Japan, the USA or New Zealand.

We know how important antique furniture is for our customers and how delicate they are, which is why we have equipped ourselves with professional, adapted and roomy vehicles that will easily transport them throughout Europe. Our trucks can easily transport up to 1000 kg and a volume of 23 m3 of antique furniture. Shipping companies like Vintage Express make sure that you don’t have to worry about the lack of a way to bring furniture into your home. Our employees will deliver it straight to your home or apartment.

If you want to learn more about the process of delivering and shipping antique furniture and other antiques – be sure to contact us. We are waiting for your call or your email. You can find contact information on our website. We are ready to answer your questions and help anyway we can.

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